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Austin American Technology

Aqua Rose

  • Cleans All Fluxes
  • Automatic ROSE Cleanliness Tester
  • Fast Cycle Time for Wash, Rinse, ROSE Test , and Dry
  • Efficient Coherent Washing and Rinsing Jets with 3 Spray Wands
  • Rapid Drying with Three Manifolds
  • 2 Board Racks with 4 Pin Inserts
  • Programmable ROSE Limits 0.01 to 10.00 ug NaCl eq/CM2
  • Automatic Data Logging (USB)
  • Easy Programming with Password Protection
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet and Processing Chamber
  • Heated Wash and Rinse 40-80C
  • Programmable Rinse Purity 0.05 – 100uS      
  • Auto Chem Mixing 4-20%
  • Viewing Window with Internal Lighting       
  • Quiet Operation < 60 Db
  • 208-230VAC, 1PH,50/60HZ

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